Another year is about to come to an end.  And I haven’t done anything to make a difference to myself or anyone else.  Family and people I have Idolized have died.  As I’m writing this it has just been announced Carrie Fisher has just died.  I have not done anything with my life.  I can’t continue now, with writing.  Confidence.  None

Free Snow

Some things you just can’t give away!  Tomorrow I have to drive to BKLYN. S@&TTY streets, It will freeze over tonight.


Hi, I guess I’ll just get to the point. I had a nervous breakdown at work last year July. It was in the works I now know for the 3 years I was employed there. When you have a list of 14 individuals you want to (remove) from your surrroundings, well you know. It happened so fast I now remember talking and not making sense, heart pounding, dizzy, sweating. I thought it was a heart attack. Not sleeping the hate and rage inside of me wanting to hurt others, thankfully not myself. This is funny at the hospital they asked if I wanted to hurt myself, when I said no just the 14 on my list, they let me go home! I love America! Now that I since have been in therapy, not now though no health ins., I think it happened because we can only take so much negative, mean, spiteful, jealous, sexually frustrated people we work with. Management, Human Resources, fucking Joke! I’m now trying to not work for anything of one again. I am looking into a small shop in my community to sell 2nd hand goods. I’ve always wanted to do this! I have a business plan and loan application. Next on my list is writing a Grant. Just letting me express this to no one in particular makes me feel good! Until I write again, thank you for reading. Have a great nite! KarenD.

Just being me

Wow I’m new to this. Any friendly advice for a newbe?  I hope this will be fun and a way to make new pallys. And to release my thoughts of the day or week, so Carrie Bradshaw.